Today – DAY 50 – breakfast with the family.

(Half way to a hundred days!)

I found it hard to be happy right now. The magic stuff stresses me out, and I got kicked out of Glitch today. The problem is that I do not believe that loyalty and effort are enough to keep you in a group, bottom line is that talent counts for more. So when being asked to leave nay told to, it comes down to talent. I am booted because I remain the same level of player I was, and the quality of the group around me has grown. By comparison I am seen as the weak link. Fuck.

Breakfast was good though!

Lesson from a blind man on positivity

This made me laugh and smile. A blind guy telling you about the benefits of being blind!

Damn, by the end of it I felt like I was the guy that had the handicap and he was the one “advantaged”! Really flips the script here:



Odd things that statistically effect the success of marriage

The following TED talk by Jenna McCarthy on Marriage is summed up here. I have done so as the talk itself isn’t that engaging, but the data is a little interesting, and I am interested in people who are pro marriage as well as those who are not.

In the Happiest Marriage the following trends are true:

  • The women are thinner and better looking than their partners. Thinner woman means man fancies girl more, has more sex. More sex means he is happier and therefore nicer to her which means she is happier, takes better care of her self, thinner… etc
  • The more willing he is to do house work the more attractive she finds him? ***if this is true then this is useful data
  • People who smile in childhood photos are less likely to have a divorce
  • Having an Oscar near guarantees a divorce
  • Watching romantic films increases chance of divorce (exposure to images and stories of people who have it “better” as apposed to horror films when you leave thinking your life is pretty good.
  • Alcohol increases chances of divorce
  • Having a close friend go through a divorce increases your chances of a divorce by 75%

So why does anyone get married. There are perks to being married:

  • Healthier physically and emotional
  • Produce more stable kids that have a higher success rate
  • Have more sex than our single friends
  • We live longer

She thinks that as long as you marry someone that you like a lot then the benefits are significant.

Jenna McCarthy: What you don’t know about marriage:

Download Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand

Click here to download the Atlas Shrugged Book NOW!

Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand was recommended to me by the Makeshift Alpha. I am only a little way in, and already I am hooked. It is so rare to find a story that is pro capitalism so completely! The heroes of the story are all capitalists, and the incompetent idiots that bring the bile of anger to your throat as you hungrily devour and digest each page are the those who want to be seen as “good”. That is not to say that they are good, only that they want to be perceived that way, and thus their actions are guided in a such a manor that the people around them validate them. The Hero’s require little to no external validation, and care not what others think of them.

Perhaps this really, truly is the sign of the Alpha over the Beta. The Alpha is willing and ready to make decisions and the Beta’s then gleefully follow that decision because they do not have to take responsibility for the outcome of the choice.

I may well expand this once I have completed the book – but for now know that it is good, damn good!

click here to download atlas shrugged

Shawn Anchor: Happiness comes before productivity

In this video Shawn Anchor inspires you to make change in your life. To make change now in order to be happier immediately.
He is quite the orator!

myprotien.com price comparison

I did a price comparrison for what are the two main sources of good protein supplement. For anyone interested, here is the excel sheet breaking down the cost of the protein!

Buying Protien – price comparison Excel Sheet

Why you will fail to have a great career

Download Anais Nin Delta of Venus PDF

As advised to get better at verbal sexual escalation, I am going to start reading some erotic literature, starting with Anais Nin Delta of Venus. If you want to have a read of it, you can download the PDF of  Delta of Venus by Anais Nin  here. Enjoy.

Delta of venus PDF

Babycakes – Neil Gaiman download / read




Baby cakes by Neil gaiman. I thought babycakes was brilliant, so you can now read or download it here if you want to.


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An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory

It says it all in the title: An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory. Every time you do something you do something you learn. If there is something that you want to get good at, the more that you do it the better that you would get at it.

When out and about, what would make you smile? What would make you laugh? What would you enjoy. Confidence is bullshit, it is about not giving a damn. If you get a good result great, if you get a bad result, great. No matter what happens, no matter what the out come, it is about knowing that you can deal with it.

Charisma – it is just communicating with emotion. Raise an emotion and you have charisma. It does not matter what the emotion is, as long as there is an emotion.

Who are we - what ever belief that we have needs evidence to back it up. How do you know that you are awesome? You have to create the evidence for yourself by interpreting what happens in the world as it happens.

You are your own best teacher - by teaching and learning yourself you become congruent with it. The stuff you find out through the problems that you encounter, you own that knowledge, you really do. All the play that you ever do you learn from it and you grow from it. Anxiety does occur, but rather than try and blast through it, revel in it. Enjoy it. Accept it. Increase it if you want!

The people that are self amused that have the most fun - The fear is looking like a crazy. If I slide down banisters, if I act like a kid again, if I am playful, if I start enjoying myself, what are other people going to think? It doesn’t matter what other people think, what ever anyone thinks is bullshit, it is what you think.

For more from Marcus go to his corporate website where he has loads of stuff as a Charisma Coach.

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